Storage Chests

At Fine Cotton we only recommend and use the highest quality Wedding Gown Storage Chests (as recommended by the Wedding Gown Association of Australia). These are available in a range of sizes to suit the style of the Wedding Gown.

Storage chest is included in our standard price. Extra large storage chests may be required for some gowns due to their style. These are available at additional charge. We will discuss this with you when arranging cleaning and preservation of your Gown.

Storage chests have a solid outer lid and an inner lid with a transparent window, to enable viewing of the Wedding Gown without opening the box.

Gowns are packed in Acid Free Tissue paper to ensure that the Wedding Gown is preserved and prevents yellowing.

For presentation we can tailor how the Wedding Gown is displayed in the box using accent coloured Tulle fabric (coloured mesh fabric).

Bag and Hanger Storage

If required your Wedding Gown can be returned on a hanger and in our protective plastic (not suitable for long term storage) rather than in a storage chest.

Fine Cotton can provide a Storage Bag or we can clean and reuse the bag the gown was supplied in.

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